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    97IH di flexible coupling

    Publish: 2010-02-19

    Model 97IH ductile iron medium pressure flexible coupling 1000psi

    The Model 97IH is designed for connection of grooved high pressure pipe systems.

    Sizes-Inches/DN &Rated working pressure
    3/4 to 6inch(DN20 to DN150) 1000psi(68.9bar)
    8 to 12inch(DN200 to DN300) 800psi(55.12bar)
    For Sch40S cut groove only


    Ductile Iron to ASTM A536
    Surface Finish:
    Antirust paint red or blue
    □Hot dip zinc galvanized
    □Epoxy power

    Rubber Gaskets:
    The gasket seals is C-shaped, made of standard gasket EPDM(ethylene propylene diene monomer) for cold water,

    hot water, rare acid, oil-free air and multiple chemical product (-50~150 degree). It is not suitable for medium like petroleum.

    Bolts & Nuts:
    Round-head, elliptoid-neck, carriage bolts, type carbon iron covered with zinc or dacromet.